From a thick slab of wood to a beautiful neck

A maple and bubinga neck with an east Indian rosewood fingerboard, with a cool lotus flower inlay, for the latest El Puntudo bass.


New design! Dogor 5 single cut

Here is a new version of the Dogor model. The customer and I tweaked the usually single cut design to make a new version, with a more massive body thanks to the bigger upper half. We also added a ramp between the pickups that blends perfectly with the organic shapes present all over this bass. I’m extremely happy with the results, as is Richi, another happy bassist in Germany.

You can see more details here

Daniel Gomez with his new Ele custom bass.

Skånskandombe band. Kristina Gomez on vocals and Daniel Gomez on bass. Great jazz-candombe fusion.

Copenhagen, Denmark, August 29, 2015.

Naga 6 for Daniel Gómez

This one is ready and its proud owner is really enjoying it. He came from Sweden to pick it up personally, so it better sound good!

You can see the gallery here



Trying some chords, some tapping, checking that everything is right…DSC_9859


(Don’t mind the sleeping dog in the background; she doesn’t know anything about musical instruments).


Just goofing around…


And here are some more pictures of the building process.


Ebony adjustable bridge.

LED fret markers.

Nordstrand MM style custom wound pickups. Tons of tone!


El Puntudo 4 for Fabio Lessa, ready

This one is already in Brazil with Fabio Lessa. Hopefully, we will see him play it really soon.
It’s a dream to play, thanks to the super short scale, but with a rock solid tone, and only 3.2 Kg. That’s only 7 pounds!
You can see the gallery here



Here we can see the last stages of the finishing process. Just one more coat of polyurethane and it’s done.DSC_9220


And last, but not least, the pickups. For this bass I made alnico 5 jazz style pickups. Kind of a traditional sound, but a little clearer. They are the first ones in the picture. You can see all the other pickups I made that day for all the other basses I’m working on. Oh, it was a long day…DSC_9206

A blast from the past!

Here is Person Tupinambá playing a cool groove on his Dogor 6 Signature, the first of his two Ele signature basses. In this case he’s using the custom wound split coil neodymium pickups.


New El Puntudo 4

Another bass that will go to Brazil, this time for Fabio Lessa, a great musician who plays with the likes of Gilberto Gil, Preta Gil and Celso Fonseca.

Set neck construction, maple and padauk neck with birdseye maple fingerboard, mahogany body with buckeye burl top, Ele jazz style pickups for a more traditional sound and Bartolini preamp for a not so traditional sound.


The projectFabio Lessa - El Puntudo 4


See those black dots? They are ebony. Gotta love wood!DSC_8819


Complicated neck-body glue up.DSC_9079


Check out the different colors of that buckeye burl top. Ah, nature…DSC_9084


Almost ready to start rounding the edges.DSC_9189


Again: gotta love wood!DSC_9124

New project (or projects?): Naga 4 and El Puntudo 4

A very special project. Two basses with the same specifications: woods, electronics, dimensions and whatnot, but different models. Almost identical twins.

Neck through body construction, wenge and ash neck, ebony fingerboard, mahogany semi-hollow body, two color bubinga top, ebony adjustable bridge with piezo, humbucker pickups, Nordstrand preamp, LED side fret markers. The whole shebang.


The project.Elías Wortsman 3 - Bajos hermanos


Wenge and ash necks.DSC_8673


Two color bubinga.DSC_8809

New project: Naga 6

Things are going great! The shop has been very busy these last few months. Right now I’m building more basses simultaneously than ever before. Here is one of them.

Just how I like them, full of features. Maple and wenge neck, pau ferro fingerboard, sapele body with a rare one piece spalted maple top, ebony adjustable bridge, Nordstrand MM style pickups with covers matching the body top, Delano preamp with all the knobs and switches anyone can ever need, and fingerboard frontal red LEDs. I think this one is just a bit too cool… maybe I won’t build it… it’s too much.


The project
Naga 6 - The project


Maple and wenge. You can’t go wrong with maple.


Carbon fiber reinforcements for added neck stability. This is already a standard feature in my basses.

The building of Person’s Dogor

This bass is ready now, so here are a few shots of the building process.

The fingerboard has Person Tupinambá’s signature engraved in mother of pearl, just like his first Dogor.




Walnut body wings, for nice and warm low frequencies.



Time for some magic. Here I cut two thin pieces off the body top. They will become the top of the pickup covers, so the wood figure will match beautifully.



Most of the machine work is done.



And finally, the muscle work. Hours of carving, rasping, scraping and sanding.



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