Month: octubre 2014

New Dogor 6 for Person Tupinambá, Ele Custom Basses’ friend and endorser

A good oportunity to refine the design of this bass, with some subtle changes meant to improve the playability and the balance when standing up. Person and I also wanted this bass to be very different from his first Dogor, just to make things more interesting. The main differences are the neck through body construction for extra sustain, birdseye maple fingerboard for good attack and crisp high frequencies, walnut body for big lows, buckeye burl top for the mandatory eye candy factor, Norstrand pickups, Hipshot metal bridge and gold hardware.

It’s not 100% sure, but Person might be coming to Spain in November to pick up his bass and then play a series of concerts in Portugal. That will give us a chance to finally talk to each other in… well… person… Get it?

Person Tupinamba - Dogor 6 II

El Puntudo 4 – Done!

You can see the finished bass in the gallery.

These are the last stages of the construction, before I start to apply the finish.

The adjustable bridge and the pickup covers are ready.



Time to fill all those unsightly voids, very common in burl wood.



But before I start to spray varnish, lets install all the electronics, test the sound and check if I need to make any adjustments. At this point, I like to make sure that the bass performs exactly how I want, so that I don’t need to correct anything after I apply the finish. This way, I avoid the risk of scratching it.



It may not look like a big deal, but this satin polyurethane finish took a lot of time. Now that it’s silky smooth -and already in Chile with his owner- you can see it here.


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