Another bass that will go to Brazil, this time for Fabio Lessa, a great musician who plays with the likes of Gilberto Gil, Preta Gil and Celso Fonseca.

Set neck construction, maple and padauk neck with birdseye maple fingerboard, mahogany body with buckeye burl top, Ele jazz style pickups for a more traditional sound and Bartolini preamp for a not so traditional sound.


The projectFabio Lessa - El Puntudo 4


See those black dots? They are ebony. Gotta love wood!DSC_8819


Complicated neck-body glue up.DSC_9079


Check out the different colors of that buckeye burl top. Ah, nature…DSC_9084


Almost ready to start rounding the edges.DSC_9189


Again: gotta love wood!DSC_9124