Month: agosto 2014

El Puntudo 4

This one features a gorgeous maple burl top with matching headstock veneer. This kind of maple burl is similar to bird’s eye maple, but not the same. But don’t worry, this is highly technical lutherie terminology that you don’t need to understand. Oh my! Look at me! I am so special!

DSC_7606 DSC_6961 DSC_6972

The sweetest words in the world: Returning customer

Back in 2012 I made an El Puntudo bass with a super short scale for a bassist and bass collector in Chile. He liked it so much that he came back and ordered another El Puntudo, this time with headstock and all the features available: carbon fiber neck reinforcements, wood adjustable bridge with piezo, neodymium humbucker pickups, 3 band Nordstrand preamp and LED side dots.
Now I’m in the final stages of construction, almost ready for the polyurethane finish.El Puntudo 4 - The project

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