ELE CUSTOM BASSES is not your typical electric bass guitar factory. It is the work of a single person, a musician, artist and technician who builds individual and unique instruments for discerning musicians looking for something they cannot find in the big brands.

ELE is actually the spanish name of the letter L, the initial of my name, Leo Mordini. Being the son of a couple of choir singers, I have been interested in music since I can remember. When I was a teenager I started dabbling with guitar before studying piano and flute, this time seriously. Some years later I took up the bass guitar, and fell in love with the instrument. I even took a stance against the undeserved place this instrument has in most musical styles, where people say they only notice it when it is missing; I wanted it to be present all the time.

Besides music, I inherited the interest in woodworking from my father. For several years I enjoyed the possibilities of wood as a sculpting material, since it is both beautIful and easy to work with, considering its remarkable mechanical properties. The abstract shapes I created during those years migrated naturally to the design of my instruments.

Eventually, I decided to combine this interests and learn the art of bass guitar making. After many years of customizing basses and building them in my spare time, I decided to dedicate myself professionally to this complex and fascinating activity. Finally, I set up my workshop in Gilet, Valencia, not far from the mediterranean coast of Spain, where I build each bass guitar, one by one, almost entirely by hand.